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With a commitment to provide all modern facilities to our valued customer we offer SINDHU SMART at your service. This service will enable you to monitor transactions of your account and help you to keep track of withdrawal and deposit of your account.

Sindhu Smart is a Mobile Banking Application, developed to improve the experience of our customers. With the advancement of technologies, we are enhancing our banking system to serve our customers better. Sindhu Smart is available on Android and iOS devices.

Customers can enjoy the vast array of available features through a sleek and interactive mobile app carefully designed for easy navigation, brand enhancement and promotional materials visibility. The app is available for all major smartphone platforms and supports both the SMS and GPRS access channels giving customers the option to use either one depending upon the availability of network and internet access.

Security is a vital aspect for any digital banking solution. Two Factor Authentication with Device ID registration, strict password policies and encryption mechanisms make Sindhu Smart a highly secure solution.

Transaction Limit:

Per Transaction Limit NPR 50,000 /-
Daily Maximum Limit NPR 200,000 /-
Daily Transaction Count 10
Monthly Maximum Limit NPR 1,000,000 /-


Per Transaction Fee Rs. 10 /-
Service Renewal Fee(Yearly) Rs. 200 /-

Download Sindhu Smart Apps From Here: