business loan

Purpose: Financial assistance for businesses/industrial sectors registered and operated as per the applicable acts in order to fulfill the operational need.

Loan Amount: 3 Lakh – 3 Crore

Interest Rate:  Base Rate + up to 5% premium

Service Charge: 0.75-1.00 %

CIC Charge:    Rs. 250 per inquiry (For No Transaction Report)

Rs. 550 per inquiry (For Transaction Report)


Required Documents:

  • Passport size photographs of Applicant
  • Applicant’s Citizenship certificate
  • Photographs and Citizenship certificate of Guarantors
  • Firm registration certificate
  • PAN registration certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Article of Association, Memorandum of Association & Share Lagat (In case of Company)
  • Balance sheet, Cash flow, P&L a/c, Stock (Audited report  and projected report of 3 yrs)
  • Minute of BOD (In case of Company)
  • In-case of New company/Firm Feasibility Report
  • Land ownership certificate (Lal Purja) with ownership type
  • Blue Print & trace
  • Malpot Receipt (Tiro Tireko Rasid)
  • Four Boundary Certificate (Char Killa)
  • House Construction Approval (Map) or Completion certificate (In Case of Building) from relevant Municipality/VDC  office