Standard Tariff Charge

1.1 Manager's Cheque/NRB cheque Issuance Rs 250/- flat
1.2 Stop Payments of Cheque a) Rs 300/- per instruction for same branch account
b) Rs 500/- per instruction for other branches cheques
1.3 Cheques Certified "Good for Payment" a) Rs 300/- per cheque for same branch account
b) Rs 500/- per cheque for other branches cheques
1.4 Cancellation of Good for Payment/MC NPR 250/- per Cheque
1.5 Issuance of Balance Certificates Rs 500/- (Waived for BFI's and Company for audit purpose)
1.6 Balance Reconfirmation Charge Rs 400/- flat
1.7 Cheque Book Issuance against lost Cheque Book Rs 250/- per cheque book
1.8 Charge for uncollected Cheque Book Rs 250/- per cheque book. (Cheque books are kept for collection for up to 6 months, and if not collected by then, are to be destroyed and thereafter, NPR 250 to be charged to the customer account.
1.9 Cash withdrawal from withdrawal slip Rs 200/- per withdrawal (Waived for Earthquake Victims payment and for SBBL staffs)
1.10 Enquiry relating to old records (more than 2 years) Rs. 200/- per request
1.11 Fixed Deposit Pre-mature a) No interest shall be paid if withdrawn within less than 3 months. 
b) Interest Rate of normal saving to be applicable instead of Coupon rate and Less Two percent penalty rate on calculated interest rate. (For example: If coupon rate of FD is 12% and depositor wants to pre-mature the FD then the applicable interest rate will be interest rate of normal saving i.e 7% currently less 2% penalty which equals to 5%)
1.12 CCTV Footage Retrieval Rs 500/- (More Than One Week )
1.13 Account Statement For duplicate statement NPR 50 up to 3 months and NPR 100 for more than 3 months ( Not applicable if NOT issued earlier for same date)
1.14 Cheque Clearing (Outward Presentment)  
i) Cheque below NPR 200,000.00 Nil
ii) Cheque for NPR 200,000 and above Rs 50
1.15 Express Clearing NPR 250.00 per cheque
1.16 Late Presentment Charge NPR 200.00 per cheque
1.17 NCHL - IPS Charge  
  NPR Transactions (Fee in NPR)-Others  
  Up to 500 Rs 5
  >500 to 5,000 Rs 10
  >5,000 to 50,000 Rs  20
  > 50,000 Rs 30
  IPS Cancellation Fee Rs 200
  Archive Fee Rs 300 per transaction
1.18 Inward Cheque return due to insufficient fund a) Rs 200 for credit customers
b) Rs 300 for other customers
1.19 ABBS Fee Free 
2.1 CIB Charge As per Actual
2.2 Valuation Fee As per Actual
2.3 Valuation Fee ( if valuation is done by Bank's staffs) Rs 2,000/- flat
2.4 Interbank CIB Query Charge  Rs 200/- flat
2.5 Loan Renewal Fees  
a) Loan amount 10 million and above 0.75% of Loan amount
b) Loan amount below 10 million 1% of Loan amount
2.6 Loan Administration Fees  
a) For Corporate, SME, Home Loan, Real estate Loan, Business Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Margin Lending Loan, Working Capital Loan, Hydropower Loan   0.75% if loan amount is NPR 10 million and above and 1% if loan amount is less than 10 million
b) Other Loans 1.25% if loan amount is NPR 10 million and above and 1.50% if loan amount is less than 10 million
2.7 Loan Against Fixed Deposit Receipt Additional 2% interest rate on coupon rate
2.8 Pre-settlement or prepayment Charge 2% of outstanding amount or prepaid amount (Waived if paid from self income or paid due to increase in interest rate)
2.9 Penal Charge 2% per annum
2.10 Late Payment Fee Rs 500/- for every EMI/EQI/Interest Amount overdue in the client's respective loan account unlike his/ her repayment schedule
2.11 Commitment Charge 1% of the unutilized amount if loan not utilized for minimum of 70% of sanctioned loan in average.
2.12 Partial Release Charge Rs 2,000/- per release
2.13 Insurance Charge As per tariff of insurance company
2.14 Public Notice publish Charges On Actual Basis
2.15 Loan Renewal Time Extension Charge  
a) Time Extension up to 15 days 0.25% of loan amount
b) Time Extension up to 30 days 0.50% of loan amount
c) Time Extension for 30 days above 1% of Loan amount
2.16 Temporary Handover of LOR (Land Ownership Registration) Certificate Recommendation Rs 500/-
2.17 Halsabik Letter Rs 500/- per letter
2.18 Recommendation letter for duplicate blue book issuance Rs 500/-
2.19 Vehicle Ownership Transfer in the name of customers Rs 1,000/- on each release
2.20 Valuator Listing Charge Rs 5,000/-
2.21 Valuator Renewal Charge Rs 2,000/-
2.22 Recommending for blacklisting or when recommending for delisting from the blacklist  NPR 3,000 per recommendation
2.23 Issuance of Bank Guarantees, Bid-Bond, Performance Bond 1-2% pa ( 0.25% per quarter ) Minimum NPR 1,000